Veterans Disability

Young veteran in a wheelchair

About Us

For nearly three decades, Parmele Law Firm has been in the business of helping disabled Americans get the benefits they deserve.  Our mission now includes helping veterans fight the same fight with the Veteran’s Administration.

Our services include:
  • Representing veterans before the: Department of Veterans Affairs, the Board of Veterans’ Appeals, and the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.
  • We also can help veterans upgrade their discharge.
Veteran with amputated leg sits at a desk in from of the American flag

Our Process 

We provide every veteran a free case evaluation.  The case evaluation starts by calling our toll-free number so someone from our team can schedule an appointment with a VA accredited attorney.  The appointment will last approximately 15 to 45 minutes depending on the issues involved in your claim.  Our attorney will gather facts during this consultation that will help them evaluate whether we can pursue your veteran’s disability claim.

Please note, the VA limits when an attorney can get involved in a case.  There are many times our attorneys believe a veteran has a strong claim but decline representation because there is no active claim.  Regardless of your situation, our attorneys will always explain why we are or are not able to represent you.  What happens after your consultation depends on the facts of your claim but may include additional appointments to gather facts and evidence to submit with an appeal.

Customer Testimonials

As a disabled veteran who had his disabilities lowered unexpectedly due to the VA taking advantage of its own policies, James at Parmele Law Firm fought for me when even the DAV failed me. I will always entrust them with any matter in the future.

~Dan Smith

Parmele went above and beyond to help make an enormous difference in my life. Without their help, professionalism, and genuinely kind attitude, I most likely would have given up, and taken my own life. They literally saved my life and gave me a new one. One with hope. I am forever in their debt and would do anything for them. They’ve been like family. Couldn’t have made it without them.

~Richard Reavis

Prompt, cordial, always returned calls and explained procedures and what to expect.  Other representation didn’t do near what Parmele did; their strategy worked.

~William Savard

Why Should You Hire Parmele Law Firm?

Our attorneys are VA-accredited attorneys
  • This means our attorneys have met qualifications the Department of Veterans Affairs set for competency to handle VA compensation and pension claims.
  • We also do not outsource any of our work. Your veteran’s disability claim will always be handled by Parmele attorneys and staff.
  • DO NOT, under any circumstance, hire an attorney that is not VA-accredited because they cannot legally represent you before the VA.
We only get paid if you win
  • Parmele Law Firm charges a contingency fee to represent a veteran before the Department of Veterans Affairs. This means our fee is based on how much retroactive benefits we recover for you.  This structure incentivizes us to get you as much backpay as legally possible.  It also means you do not pay a dime unless we recover retroactive benefits for you.
  • Parmele Law Firm also does not charge you a set fee for representation before the US Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. As with representation before the Department of Veterans Affairs, we only get paid if we are successful in securing a win.  In most claims, we will file for Equal Access to Justice Act reimbursement on your behalf if we are successful and rely on it for payment.  Again, there is no cost if we lose.
  • Parmele Law Firm does, however, charge a set fee for military discharge upgrades.  Unlike compensation claims, there is no retroactive payments for successfully upgrading a discharge type.  What we charge is dependent on the facts of your claim.
VA compensation is complicated
  • Navigating the VA compensation system is difficult. It has become even more difficult with the introduction of the Appeals Modernization Act (AMA). The AMA introduced multiple lanes a veteran can choose when appealing a rating decision.
  • Our attorneys will review the facts of your veteran’s disability claim and give you personalized advice on which lane is best for you to take to get a quick resolution of your claim
We fight
  • Parmele Law Firm has evolved over the last three decades, but one thing has remained the same: our desire to fight for our clients. We are not afraid to appeal claims and fight for every dollar of benefits our clients deserve, including filing claims to federal court.