Where Do I Go To Apply For Social Security Benefits?

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For most, the idea of sitting at a local social security office to apply for benefits is an unpleasant thought. The lines can be long and tiresome, and most of us do not have the time to wait for our number to be called and step up to the desk to ask questions. To make it even less desirable, many … Read More

If You Are Receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and This Happens, You Must Report it to the Social Security Administration.

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Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) is a needs-based program administered by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”). Because eligibility for SSI is determined based on your income and financial resources, any changes to your income or resources must be reported to the SSA. Here are only 3 life events that may change your income or finances which you must report to the … Read More

Supplemental Security Income and Healthcare Coverage.

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Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) is a financial “needs-based” program available to qualified disabled children and individuals who have very limited income and assets. SSI provides a monthly stipend to individuals who qualify for assistance. Health Care Coverage and SSI. The SSI program is a federal program that is designed to provide income to the aged, blind, or disabled who have … Read More

SSI, SSDI, Oh My! What Are These Programs?

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In the land of Social Security disability law where we practice, things can get pretty confusing. Take the different Social Security disability programs, for example. What is SSI? There are several federal disability programs. So it is important for you to know which social security program you are on. SSI stands for Supplemental Security Income. SSI is a “needs-based” program. … Read More

SSI Attorney on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) & Law

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According to the Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Income or SSI is a financial program which “makes monthly payments to people who have low income and few resources, and who are age 65 or older, blind, and/or disabled.” SSI Regulations When applying for SSI, there are many regulations to take into consideration.  A few of these rules include: Income: Typically, … Read More

SSI Lawyer Discusses Supplemental Security Income and Household Resources

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By Nikki Evans, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. When applying for disability, there are several different programs that you might be eligible for. Two of the more common are disability insurance benefits (DIB) and supplemental security income (SSI). The requirements for disability insurance benefits are covered in a bit more detail in another entry, but I have seen as an … Read More

Do You Lose Your Social Security Disability If You Go To Jail?

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Incarceration and Social Security Disability By James Pavisian, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits are not payable incarcerated individuals. To be clear, overnight or weekend incarcerations are not included. Rather, benefits will not be paid to an individual if he or she is incarcerated for thirty or more days in … Read More