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Substantial Gainful Activity

Normally, being successful at working is what everyone aims for. But when it comes to  Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) unsuccessful work attempts can actually work in your favor. Here’s what we mean. Unsuccessful Work Attempts Before Applying for Disability Benefits. The whole point of disability benefits is to provide financial […]

They say that the devil is in the details. When it comes to Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI”), that is certainly true. It’s the ordinary, every-day little things that can affect an award of benefits. Activities of Daily Living. When evaluating your disability, one of the things the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) looks at […]

According to the National Academy of Social Insurance, Social Security Disability is a program that “pays monthly benefits to workers who are no longer able to work due to a significant illness or impairment that is expected to last at least a year or to result in death within a year.” Am I Eligible? In […]

By Aujsha Weeden, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. After applying for social security disability benefits, many claimants are faced with the reality that it can take up to 12-18 months before a judge can hear their case.  This is indeed a long time to wait! But the reality is that the need to pay bills, […]

By James Pavisian, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. I recently met with a potential client who became upset when I concluded that my firm could not help her with her social security disability claim.  Generally speaking, there are some denials that no attorney can fight.  These include technical denials because the household income exceeds allowances for […]

By Kelsey Young, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. The process for receiving Social Security disability benefits can be a long and confusing one for many people. The majority of people pursuing benefits must attend a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge, and waiting for that hearing could take one to two years depending on the person’s […]

By Kelsey Young, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. In a Social Security disability claim, the burden of proof is on the claimant for the first four steps of the sequential evaluation process.  The steps include: 1. Is the individual engaging in substantial gainful activity?  (“SGA” is generally defined as working full-time, 40 hours a week, […]

Reporting Your Earnings to Social Security By Kelsey Young, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Though no one enjoys filing taxes every year due to the cost and the hassle, it is beneficial for a person to make sure it gets done each year for many reasons. One reason is that your Social Security retirement benefits […]

Social Security Disability: SGA & Work After Becoming Disabled By Kathleen Overton, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C.   It is possible to both work and file an application for Social Security disability benefits under some circumstances. When the Social Security Administration makes a decision in a claim for disability, the adjudicator follows a five step […]

By Mike Wolter, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C.  Social security disability is available to those people who are physically or mentally unable to work. However, this actually does not mean that you cannot work and receive social security disability at the same time. In order to be eligible for disability benefits, you must not be […]