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Social Security Disability: Coping with the Side Effects of Medication By: Nikki D. Evans, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. In a Social Security disability claim, one of the best and most important things someone can do to help their case is to be compliant with their doctor’s treatment plans and recommendations. Even when money is […]

By Mike Wolter, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Medical treatment is the single most important factor in a social security disability case. If you have treatment your case is more likely to be approved because the person reviewing your social security disability case will be able to see what conditions you actually have been diagnosed […]

By Mike Wolter, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. Chronic headaches can be a very frustrating condition to suffer from.  Many times doctors are unable to diagnose or effectively treat the headaches. Objective testing such as MRIs and CT scans of the brain and head often fail to reveal any abnormal signs that might prove that […]