What to Do if Your Condition is Not Listed in the Social Security Blue Book.

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The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) publishes a list of impairments for each major body system that are considered severe enough to be potentially “disabling” according to the SSA. Where to Find Qualifying Impairments – The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. This list of impairments, officially titled, Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, is referred to as the “Blue Book” or simply … Read More

Kelly has its “Blue Book” for Car Values and the Law Has its “Blue Book” for legal Citations. But What is the Social Security Disability “Blue Book” and How Is It Used?

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When you want to find out what the value of a car is, you use Kelly’s Blue Book. In law, when you need to know how to properly cite to a case or abbreviate something, the reference book you use is the “Blue Book for Legal Citations.” When it comes to disabilities, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has its own … Read More

If Your Doctor Says You Are Disabled, Is That All You Need to Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

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To win a claim for social security disability benefits you need more than your doctor’s opinion that you are “disabled.” Why is that? Because the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) is a government bureaucracy which uses a complex system to decide whether to award benefits. As a result, there is no guarantee that you will be approved for benefits — even … Read More