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Blue Book

The Social Security Administration (“SSA”) publishes a list of impairments for each major body system that are considered severe enough to be potentially “disabling” according to the SSA. Where to Find Qualifying Impairments – The Social Security Administration’s Blue Book. This list of impairments, officially titled, Disability Evaluation Under Social Security, is referred to as […]

When you want to find out what the value of a car is, you use Kelly’s Blue Book. In law, when you need to know how to properly cite to a case or abbreviate something, the reference book you use is the “Blue Book for Legal Citations.” When it comes to disabilities, the Social Security […]

To win a claim for social security disability benefits you need more than your doctor’s opinion that you are “disabled.” Why is that? Because the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) is a government bureaucracy which uses a complex system to decide whether to award benefits. As a result, there is no guarantee that you will be […]