Why Simply Filing a New Claim after Being Denied Disability Benefits Probably Won’t Work for You.

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Over 75% of all Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI”) applications are denied by the Social Security Administration (“SSA”). If your disability application is denied, should you appeal the denial, or should you just file a new claim? As experienced social security disability attorneys with offices in Cape Girardeau, Columbia, Lebanon, Poplar Bluff and a number of other cities in … Read More

What is the Role of a Vocational Expert at a Disability Hearing?

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Have you ever wondered how the Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) figures out whether or not there are any jobs that you could do given your impairments? The answer is that the ALJ relies on the testimony of an expert witness at the disability hearing to give him (or her) the information he needs to make that determination. The Vocational Expert. … Read More

Becoming an Adult under the Social Security Disability Rules

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Becoming an Adult under the Social Security Disability Rules By Kelsey Young, Attorney Parmele Law Firm, P.C. To be “disabled” for purposes of Social Security disability benefits, your impairments and circumstances must meet the criteria created by the Social Security Administration. Before the age of 18, a person must meet the requirements under the “child standard.” However, if a person … Read More