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If you are currently looking for an SSDI lawyer or SSDI attorney, or if you are still in the early stages of trying to understand how to even start the Social Security disability insurance process, the Parmele Law Firm is here for you.

With years of experience in helping those in need get the Social Security disability benefits they deserve, the SSDI lawyers and attorneys at Parmele Law Firm are here to represent you in your case. We are here to give you the information, guidance, and support that you need, to get the results you deserve.

What Is Social Security Disability Insurance?

One of the major obstacles you might face during your claim is even understanding the subtle, but no less important distinctions between the kind of Social Security you are eligible for.

SSDI refers to Social Security Disability Insurance, while SSI refers to Supplementary Security Income. SSDI is available to those who have worked towards it previously – adding work credits that are then converted into SSDI to support that person if they are unable to work due to a disability.

SSI is available even if you have not previously held a job, or have not worked enough to build up sufficient credit. The major difference that this presents is that SSI is needs-based, while SSDI is based on payroll taxes. What this means for your claim is that, if you applied for SSI, you may get more or less depending on your needs.

Parmele Law Professionals

If you do have a work history and can qualify for SSDI, then our SSDI lawyers are ready to help you make your claim. While having enough work credits contributed means you can qualify for SSDI, it does not necessarily mean you will.

You still have to go through the claim process, which means a lot of paperwork and, potentially, a lot of stress. You need to be able to make a case for your disability claim, and prove that you really do need the benefits offered in order to support yourself.

Our SSDI lawyers have helped thousands of SSDI applicants secure their benefits, and we will bring this experience to you. Through our work, our team has learned what really matters in an SSDI or SSI claim – the person making it. We understand that, above all else, you need the support offered by the Social Security Administration to live a comfortable life.

This extensive experience also helps when it comes to the paperwork. Having a law degree is one thing, but the number of times our SSDI lawyers have tackled the Social Security system – and come out on top – means that they know the real detail that goes into the process. This goes a long way not only toward winning your claim but also toward reducing your stress and make your life that much less stressful.

Parmele Law Firm and Your SSDI Lawyer

If you need the best representation that you can find when you apply for Social Security Disability Insurance, or any other kind of Social Security benefits claim, contact Parmele Law Firm today.

Our SSDI lawyers and attorneys have the experience and compassion that you need by your side through the claims process. You can also use our website to find more detailed information on Social Security disability.