Social Security Disability Claim Process

Even with years of experience and thousands of successful cases behind them, the lawyers and SSDI attorneys at the Parmele Law Firm know how much work goes into an effective Social Security disability claim.

The process can be long and daunting, the hearing can be intimidating, and the overall experience has the potential to be incredibly stressful. Not to mention that you will need to deal with all of this while living with your disability and potentially struggling with your finances.

This is one of the reasons why you need a qualified and experienced SSDI lawyer or SSDI attorney at your side. The Parmele Law Firm can help to break down the process into basics, make things clearer, and make your own claim easier to understand.

Beginning Your Application

Starting the application for your Social Security benefits means getting together all the right paperwork. This might sound simple, but it is easy to get hold of outdated or mislabeled paperwork if you are doing it yourself – especially if you are relying on the internet.

Government paperwork frequently changes, and it can be hard to get hold of the right forms for the right applications.

This also means getting together all of your own paperwork, including medical notes and necessary medical history. Remember, this is a claim to demonstrate why your health means you are unable to work, and you will need the documentation to back it up.

At Parmele Law Firm, our lawyers can help you understand exactly what you need, and help you get it. Find out more about the paperwork you need for your Social Security disability claim.

Understanding Your Disability

An often-neglected aspect of a Social Security disability claim is being able to clearly explain your disability and how and why it prevents you from working. The best way to do this is to be sure that you understand it, too.

Your SSI or SSDI lawyer, along with medical professionals and your history, can help you clearly define what your disability is. This will make it much simpler to argue the case for why you need Social Security benefits.

The better and more clearly you can explain the problem, the better those adjudicating your case will understand. This can also reduce the potential for a claim ultimately being denied.

Being Prepared to Wait

As with any government application, Social Security disability cases can take a significant amount of time. You need to be prepared to be patient while you wait for the outcome.

Your SSDI lawyer or attorney can help to give you an idea of how long it might take, and getting every step of the process right the first time will greatly cut down on additional time.

Get Real Help from the Parmele Law Firm

The most important step in your claim process is securing aid from Parmele Law Firm. If you are about to start the Social Security benefits application process, or you have no idea where to begin, contact your local Social Security disability law firm in the Belleville and Swansea, Illinois area today.

The Parmele Law Firm is here to help you secure the benefits you need so that you can live the life you deserve. Speak to one of our qualified, experienced and understanding disability lawyers or disability attorneys in a free consultation today.