Social Security Disability Appeals Process

While applying for Social Security disability benefits can be complicated and stressful, having to appeal a denial can be even more so. Spending weeks and months gathering paperwork, laying out your case, presenting it and then waiting – just to be denied the funds that you need – can be enough to make you give up altogether. Fortunately, the Parmele Law Firm is here to help you.

At the Parmele Law Firm, our SSDI lawyers and SSD attorneys know that is worth persevering for your Social Security disability claim, even in the face of a denial. We are passionate about securing funding for those we know truly need it, and we will fight your corner until you get the result you deserve.

Start Your Appeal Immediately

Although you might be ready to give up once your Social Security disability claim is denied, you need to act fast and begin your appeal. An unfortunately high number of applicants get denied the first time – but take this as a sign that your case is not unique, and appealing the decision is possible.

The longer you take to appeal the decision, the less likely it is that you will get it overturned. Taking time to appeal will give the impression that you are able to survive without benefits, so you need to contact Parmele Law Firm and discuss your options.

Assessing Your Claim

If your claim was denied the first time, there was likely something you presented – either in your paperwork or verbally – that suggested Social Security benefits were unnecessary for you. An important part of your appeal is sitting down with your disability lawyer and assessing your initial claim, especially if you did it without the help of a legal professional the first time. A qualified and experienced disability lawyer or attorney will be able to quickly spot any information you supplied that was harmful to the decision and help you present it clearly and more effectively.

Know What to Expect

Once you file your appeal, it is important to know what the next step will be, and where your case is likely to go. To give a very simple overview, appeals typically follow this procedure:


This involves filling in more paperwork and sending it in within 60 days of the initial decision. Like your first claim, the paperwork here can be intimidating, and an experienced disability lawyer can help.


If you receive a negative decision and you still want to fight it, you, your representative or your SSDI lawyer may need to appear at a hearing to determine whether the initial decision can be overturned.

Appeals Council

Filing with the Appeals Council means more paperwork, and possibly providing new evidence to help bolster your case.

Federal Court

The final step in fighting a decision is taking it to Federal Court. Taking an appeal this far is something you must do with a qualified and experienced disability lawyer.

The above steps show an escalation of an appeal as it is denied. Some are assessed and granted just by reconsideration, while a few will make it all the way to Federal Court. The important factor is to have the Parmele Law Firm by your side if you are looking to appeal a Social Security Administration decision.

Parmele Law Firm and Your Appeal

This might seem overwhelming, but we are here to help. If you have found yourself disheartened by a denial from the Social Security Administration, you can be sure that the Parmele Law Firm is ready to stand side-by-side with you throughout your appeal.

We know how important it is to be financially secure, especially when you are unable to work due to a disability. We have fought and won for thousands of people living with disabilities to get their benefits.

Contact your local Social Security disability law firm in the Belleville/Swansea, IL area today, and get a free consultation from our qualified and compassionate disability lawyers and disability attorneys.