Parmele Law Firm

Parmele Law Firm has represented over 50,000 people in getting the right benefits for their needs. We specialize in social security disability, and have a team of professional, experienced social security disability attorneys and social security disability lawyers who can help you. Find out more about the services that Parmele Law Firm can provide.

Helping You Through the Process

Parmele Law Firm is dedicated to helping you through the process of applying for and fighting for your social security disability benefits. The social security insurance process can be long, complicated, and overwhelming. Knowing that, should you get any of the steps wrong, you may delay your result, or be denied completely, makes it that much more stressful.

No one should face the complex steps of social security disability claims without help, and our SSI attorneys and SSI lawyers are here to help.

With Parmele Law Firm, you can get guidance for filing your online application, saving you a trip to the Social Security Office and ensuring you have an advocate from the beginning. We will also fight aggressively at every stage of the process, including appeals to Federal District Courts.

The Parmele Law Firm Mission Statement

At Parmele Law, our mission statement is simple: to use our deep knowledge of social security disability law, along with our compassion for those in need and our understanding of how challenging life with disabilities can be, to advocate for our clients. We want to inspire hope in every community we serve.

Getting social security disability benefits can take a long time – weeks, months, and even years – so starting your claim as early as possible is important. Our SSI lawyers and attorneys want to give you the right foundation to start your claim. The longer you wait to apply, the harder it can be to secure your benefits, but if you contact Parmele Law, you’ll get our full attention throughout your case.

Parmele Law in Belleville/Swansea, Illinois

If you live in the Belleville or Swansea Illinois area and are struggling to secure social security disability benefits, contact our social security disability law firm today. Parmele Law Firm is here to help you every step of the way until you get the funding you need to live your life. Our Belleville/Swansea, IL office is located at 7 Bronze Pointe, Suite B6, Swansea, IL 62226. Contact us online, or call us on (618) 272-2724.