Social Security Disability Lawyers

The process of receiving Social Security disability benefits can take a long time and frustrates many people. In a typical year, less than 50% of applicants receive Social Security disability benefits. Often times, this has to do with an applicant’s inability to present his or her case in the correct way. The Social Security disability lawyers at the Parmele Law Firm can help you focus your case and present the appropriate details in a way that clearly demonstrates exactly why you need Social Security disability benefits.

Your Social Security Disability Lawyers in St. Louis

Too many people give up on their hopes of receiving assistance for their disabilities after they get denied the first time. There is another answer. You can talk to the Social Security disability lawyers at the Parmele Law Firm, and they will help you with your case in multiple ways.

Gathering Medical Evidence

Social Security disability lawyers will know not only how to get access to your medical records, but also exactly what to look for in them.

You disability attorney will also go over your records and determine what more you can do to show that your disability prevents you from gainful employment.

Medical evidence is crucial to winning your appeal, and you will struggle to get the right information without a great team of Social Security disability lawyers working for you.

Prepare You for Your Appeal Hearing 

Not everyone can walk into an appeal hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and feel comfortable and capable enough to present their case in a forthright, compelling, and comprehensible way.

Social Security disability lawyers find themselves in this situation often, and they can prepare you for your hearing well in advance.

Witnesses & Case Presentation

Your disability attorney will organize the case so that it can be presented in the most effective way possible.

He or she will know exactly which witnesses to call, if any. They will know the Social Security definition of your disability, and can direct you to the right tests.

They will also know exactly how to direct the ALJ judge to the information most critical to your condition.

Contact Parmele Law Firm

We are a team of disability attorneys who work for you. We help people all across the St. Louis area secure the Social Security disability benefits they deserve.

If you cannot maintain gainful employment and have found yourself rejected by the Social Security system, then you need to talk to the disability lawyers at the Parmele Law Firm. Contact the best Social Security lawyers St. Louis has to offer.