Social Security Disability Claim Process in St. Louis

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The Social Security disability claim process can take more than a year to complete and might include appeals and multiple hearings. Your claim may differ from other claims handled at Parmele Law Firm, and that’s okay. the Social Security Administration gives your claim five opportunities. Some people get accepted at the very first stage, and, unfortunately, other applicants keep appealing only to have their application rejected in the final hearing. To help you better understand the full Social Security disability claim process, our team of disability lawyers has laid out the four primary steps of the application and appeal process.

Social Security Disability Claim Process

Step 1: Application 

In the first step of the process, you submit an application and supplemental medical records to the Social Security Administration. Many people make the mistake of submitting this application without the help of a Social Security disability attorney. Nearly 70% of applicants get denied at this stage of the process. A disability attorney not only improves your chance of success but also prepares you for the potentiality of appealing the Social Security Administration’s decision.

Step 2: Initial Hearing

If the Social Security Administration denies your appeal, then you have the right to a hearing. This portion of the application process takes the longest. Some applicants must wait for two years before an Administrative Law Judge will see them. Hearings give applicants the best chance to have their claims accepted. More than half of applicants get accepted at this stage of the process. 

Step 3: Council

If the Administrative Law Judge denies your application, you can appeal the decision. The Appeals Council will hear your claim next. Your chances of acceptance decrease drastically at this stage, but the Appeals Council will approve a few select applicants. It can take nearly a year for them to make this decision.

Step 4: Federal Court

Although the Appeals Council denies most applicants, you can appeal the decision one last time. The Federal District Court will grant you a hearing and decide whether to accept, deny, or return your application back to the Social Security Administration.

Find the Right Disability Attorney in STL

The right Social Security disability attorney can increase your chances of having your application accepted early on in the process. With a convenient location off of Forest Park Parkway, Parmele Law Firm services the St. Louis area. Our Social Security disability lawyers will give you the best chance of benefits. Contact Parmele Law Firm today.