Social Security Disability Appeals in St. Louis

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In most situations, receiving Social Security disability benefits depends less on the application than on the appeals that follow. Typically, 30% of applicants get accepted directly. All other Social Security disability applicants must follow a rigorous appeals process to get benefits for their disabilities. The appeal process can take a long time, and your application could potentially move through many levels of the appellate process before finally getting accepted. Many people never receive disability benefits, but understanding the process and hiring a disability attorney improves your chances of success.

Social Security Disability Appeal Process

If the Social Security Administration denied your application, the process is not over. Most people find themselves without Social Security disability benefits after their initial application, and many of these same people will go on to receive benefits through the appellate process.

Hearing in Front of an Administrative Law Judge

If the Social Security Administration denies your initial claim, you can appeal the decision and take your claim to an administrative law judge. The judge will give you hearing and listen to your case. This is a great opportunity to obtain a witness with medical expertise, to rely on an experienced disability attorney to question the witness,and to reveal your side of the story to a person. These hearings take place within 75 miles of your home. These hearings take place either remotely or in person, and the Social Security Administration works with you to give you every opportunity to provide your strongest case.

Appeals Council

You may send the Social Security Appeals Council a request to review the judge’s decision in your case. The appeals council can do any one of the following three things: deny your request, accept your request, or send it to another administrative law judge for review. You will receive a letter notifying you of the route the appeals council has taken with your Social Security disability claim.

Federal Court

As a final appeal, you can file a lawsuit against the Social Security Administration. A disability attorney becomes an extremely beneficial asset and ally in this situation. At Parmele Law Firm, we can help you call in witnesses and prepare your case. If you win your case, the Social Security Administration will award you benefits.

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