SSI Qualifications

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As a Social Security disability law firm in Kansas City, our primary focus at Parmele Law Firm is to know the ins and outs of all aspects of Social Security disability law. Often, we have clients who visit our office to file for Social Security disability benefits without having more information on SSI and its benefits. Learn more about SSI and how a person can qualify for these benefits and the importance of hiring an experienced SSI lawyer from Parmele Law Firm below.

What is SSI?

Supplemental Security Income, or SSI, is a federally funded government program designed to provide financial support for the elderly, the blind, and the disabled. SSI was established in 1974 and is administered by the Social Security Administration, though SSI is funded by the US Treasury. Through SSI, a person can receive monthly benefits if they have limited income and resources, and are disabled, blind, or age 65 or older. Children who are blind or disabled may also qualify for SSI benefits.

Qualifications for SSI

SSI differs from Social Security disability in a number of ways. Unlike disability benefits, a person does not have to have a certain number of work credits to qualify for SSI. This is how children can qualify for SSI. The program is funded through a general fund managed by the US Treasury—the payroll taxes used to fund Social Security disability are not used for SSI benefits. If you qualify for SSI, you may also be eligible for programs like Medicaid to help with additional medical costs and food assistance programs offered by the state.

Why You Need an SSI Lawyer in Kansas City

While SSI has different qualifications than Social Security disability, the claims process can still be difficult to navigate on your own. By hiring an SSI lawyer from Parmele Law Firm in Kansas City, you create the best circumstances for your application to be accepted by the Social Security Administration. A Parmele Law Firm SSI lawyer understands the intricacies of SSI law and will look over every part of your application to ensure that the information is correct before sending your claim to the Social Security Administration.

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