Social Security Disability Law

No one wants to get injured or to become disabled, but according to the United States Census Bureau, disability affects 20% of the nation. Some of these people may not find themselves considered disabled by the standards of Social Security disability law, however, and all disabled Americans find themselves at the mercy of the Social Security disability system.

Receiving benefits can change a disabled American’s life. The application process can be difficult and the laws complex, but the Parmele Law Firm in St. Louis, Missouri, is here to help clarify a few things for your benefit.

Important Aspects of Social Security Disability Law

Most people spend very little time thinking about Social Security disability until it is much too late. The laws surrounding disability allow Americans to continue to keep a certain standard of living even after they can no longer work.

Social Security makes two different types of disability benefits available: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Social Security Income (SSI). Depending on your condition, you may qualify for one of these or the other.


Most disability claims and appeals in the St. Louis area fall under SSDI. This form of Social Security allows individuals to receive benefits, but the amount of benefits they receive depends on their work history.

An individual has to earn enough work credits before he or she can receive SSDI, whereas SSI allows disabled individuals to receive an income regardless of income from work. SSI benefits offer relief for individuals with a low income. If you make less than $1,170 per month, you may qualify for these benefits. 

Disability in St. Louis

St. Louis has traditionally been a very forward thinking area in terms of disability. With a blue-collar feel and plenty of beautiful construction projects over the years such as the Arch and Martin Luther King Bridge, the city tends to especially take work-related disability very seriously.

With the help of the qualified and experienced Social Security disability law team at the Parmele Law Firm, you get a fair chance to receive the benefits you need.

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