Sean R Dugan – Attorney at Law


Since I first started at this firm, Parmele Law Firm has shown me patience, compassion, and understanding in my strengths and weaknesses and has helped me become the attorney that I am today. I have had the pleasure to have helped countless individuals as a legal assistant, paralegal, and now attorney at this firm. I have seen these qualitative traits firsthand in how we interact with clients across all stages of a case. There are fact patterns and there are people in this profession that challenge and what I know every day of the week. It is not always easy, but it is incredibly rewarding. Working at this firm has enabled me to not only to zealously advocate for clients, but also advocate for myself and learn and grow as a person. We do more than just give clients trained and experienced staff attorneys and zealous advocacy – we give them hope. We navigate the social security process with the client as a team and help clients to make their voices heard.

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