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When you apply for Social Security disability benefits, or if you are having to fight a denial of benefits, there is no need to go it alone. Even with the support of friends and family, the legal red tape and jargon can quickly become too much, especially when you are being asked to prove a disability that you have to live with every day to someone whose job it is to not believe you. This is why the disability lawyers at Parmele Law Firm dedicate themselves to helping those looking to apply for benefits in the Belleville/Swansea, IL area through the exhausting process.

Disability Lawyers At Your Side

During the Social Security benefits process, there will be a lot you will need to contend with. Filling out the right paperwork in the right way, making sure the paperwork and information you have is up to date, sending it to the correct people, paying the correct fees, appearing in the right offices, and speaking to the right people all become overwhelming.

This is not to mention additional requirements such as compiling your own evidence of your disability, how it affects you, why it means you are unable to work or support yourself, and more.

The disability lawyers at Parmele Law Firm work to make every part of this process easier to digest. By doing this, using their extensive knowledge of Social Security disability law, our disability lawyers take some of the pressure from you, giving you support that you can lean on and rely on to supply you with the information you need – as well as the confidence to effectively present it.

We understand that life with a disability is not easy, and struggling financially just makes things worse, even without having to justify why you need help.

A Part of the Community

At Parmele Law Firm, our disability lawyers and disability attorneys understand how important it is to understand the community. Parmele Law Firm has offices in several states in the Midwest United States – Missouri, Oklahoma, Kansas, and Illinois.

At each location, we make sure to foster a feeling of belonging, both for our lawyers and our clients. We know how important it is to you to speak to a legal professional who knows and loves your local community just like you do, and how much extra it adds to the trust you develop for the person helping to fight in your corner.

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If you are a resident of Belleville or Swansea, IL, you can contact our local Social Security law firm office. Our disability lawyers will help you apply for and achieve the Social Security disability benefits that you need to live the life you deserve.