Disability Attorney Fees

How Are Disability Attorney Fees and Expenses Established in a Case?

You might wonder why a disability attorney would help you win your disability claim without charging a disability attorney fee. It’s only natural for you to wonder what we could possibly get out of it. This is a fair question and one we hope to answer for you here and in the above video. Don’t worry. You won’t have to pay just to speak to a disability attorney. All the lawyers at the Parmele Law Firm gladly welcome you to our law offices to hear your concerns regarding your disability case. We want you to feel comfortable with us, and we hope you can share your experience. The more you share, the more we know, and the better equipped we are to help you win your case. But how, you might ask, do we make our living? Read on to understand the process.

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Your Disability Attorney Gets Paid on a Contingent Fee Basis

Your disability attorney doesn’t ask for money upfront or halfway through the case or even at the start of the Social Security disability appeal process. We get paid on a contingent fee basis. The word contingent literally means “dependent on,” and contingent fee means exactly what you might guess. Our legal counseling fee depends completely on the outcome of your case. If the court sees it fit to award you with Social Security disability, then we get paid. If you don’t get benefits and we couldn’t help you, then we don’t get paid either. This ensures that we have your best interests at heart because they are also our interests. Plus, we know how devastating it can feel to have your claim denied. Asking for a disability attorney fee would only add insult to injury.

How Much Does an Attorney Cost?

Disability lawyers are mandated by the Social Security Administration to charge on a contingency basis. The Social Security Administration also mandates the maximum fees attorneys can take out of your back pay. If the Social Security Administration awards you disability benefits, then we can charge no more than 25% of your awarded back pay up to the maximum amount dictated by the Social Security Administration. That means a lawyer can only charge the less of the two.  If 25% of your back pay equals $2,000, then your disability attorney cannot ask for the maximum amount. On the other hand, the attorney cannot ask for more than the maximum amount, even if 25% of your back pay is more than that.

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