Do I Need a Disability Attorney?

Do I Need an Attorney for Disability?

More than 2.3 million people applied for Social Security disability in 2016. That’s more people than the entire urban area of St. Louis, Missouri. Out of those 2.3 million people, fewer than 800,000 people qualified for Social Security disability benefits. To put it in other words, only 32% of applicants actually received the help they needed. Some of these people didn’t qualify for one simple reason. They chose to apply for benefits on their own without employing a disability attorney with the experience to help them.

At Parmele Law Firm, we are experts in social security disability law. With our experience, knowledge, and dedication, we have helped thousands of people like you win their social security disability claim. Contact us today for a free consultation!

How Does a Disability Attorney Help You?

A disability attorney brings expert advice and an eye for the right details. When you hire a disability attorney, you get legal representation that will advise you on your rights and give you reliable guidance during a difficult and taxing time in your life. You may not know how strong or weak of a case you have before you meet with a disability lawyer. Your legal counsel can review your situation and tell you which evidence is important, which evidence to emphasize, when to submit your application, and how to present your situation in a way judges will understand. Your disability attorney will help you gather information pertaining to your ailments from medical professionals and employers. This is extremely important to your hearing and claim.

How Does a Lawyer Help During the Appeals Process?

The Social Security Administration denies nearly 85% of all claims and offers only a short window of time for you to appeal the denial. This window lasts about 2 months, and an attorney can ensure you accurately finish your appeal in the time you’re given. Time, processing, and accuracy are all factors at play in the appeals process, and disability lawyers have years of experience to help them guide you through this tricky step.

After your lawyer helps you file your appeal, they will go over a precise, comprehensive, and beneficial game plan for strengthening your case while you wait for the Social Security Administration to set a date for your hearing. Your disability attorney will attend your hearing with you to ensure the court sees the most relevant evidence. They also make sure to properly question witnesses so that the court sees the severity of your condition. If all else fails, your legal counsel will make arguments to present to the Appeals Council.

Keep Your Case in Good Hands From Beginning to End

When you employ a disability attorney from the start, you guarantee your claim develops properly and accurately.You will have the experience and guidance you need to navigate every part of the disability benefits process from application to appeal. A decent disability lawyer will only ask for payment when you win your case.

Fight Your Battles With the Parmele Law Firm

Each and every disability attorney on staff at the Parmele Law Firm has the experience to present the strongest possible case on your behalf. Improve your chances with a qualified, friendly, and caring team of lawyers. Contact the Parmele Law Firm today.