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Since its founding, Parmele Law Firm has helped thousands of disabled people succeed in getting the Social Security disability benefits they deserve – and so desperately need – to continue living their lives.

With offices in cities and towns throughout the Midwest, Parmele Law Firm is considered to be one of the premier providers of Social Security disability legal assistance in the region – “and for good reason.”

Parmele Law Firm Staff

Parmele Law Firm’s staff is dedicated to handling nothing but Social Security disability cases.


With a top-notch staff of attorneys, paralegals, and administration, the Parmele success rate for qualified claims is in the thousands, and growing every day.

Daniel A. Parmele

Before starting his private practice, Mr. Parmele worked with the Social Security…

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ashley social security disability multiple myeloma

Ashley C. Baine

I went into law because I’ve always had an interest in it. One of the things I appreciate most…

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Kathleen E. Overton

I enjoy practicing disability law because of the number of people I am able to help. I am able to…

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Andrew R. DeLaMare

Each of us can become disabled at any moment in our lives and asking for help is sometimes the…

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James Pavisian

I am blessed with an opportunity to be a voice for hardworking individuals and those with life…

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Nikki D. Evans

I got into social security disability law with Parmele Law Firm because it provides me the…

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kelsey greenfield social security disability attorney & alj medical sources

Kelsey J. Young

I chose to practice law at a young age because I have a passion for standing up for those who may…

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Jennifer A. Brodersen

I enjoy praciticing disability law because in doing so I am able to help individuals navigate…

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Michael S. Wolter

I have always believed that the practice of law is a service business. Being an attorney at…

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Mike Morgan

Mike Morgan joined Parmele Law Firm in 2015, focusing his practice on disability advocacy in Kansas…

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Sam Coring

Sam Coring is a Springfield native and a graduate of Springfield Catholic Schools.

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Felicia Von Holten Mitchell

Becoming an attorney was a dream that I had ever since I was a little girl. What attracted me to this profession…

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Sean R. Dugan

Since I first started at this firm, Parmele Law Firm has shown me patience, compassion…

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Kevin Greene

Being an attorney, I have a unique opportunity to listen and to counsel and educate…

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Eric Lindstrom

I choose to pursue a career practicing disability law because I enjoy the challenges…

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