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PPI (Proton-Pump Inhibitors) Nexium | Prilosec | Prevacid

The Nexium and Prilosec lawsuits claim the long-term use of these drugs can increase the likelihood of strokes, bone fractures, acute kidney injury, renal failure, and heart damage. The manufacturers of Nexium and Prilosec failed to warn doctors and patients that use of its medication could cause kidney and renal failure, including acute interstitial nephritis (AIN).

We are one of the few law firms that have been appointed to the Plaintiff’s Executive Committee by the judge overseeing all of the federal lawsuits involving Nexium and Prilosec, and its link to kidney and renal injuries. This means that we are directly involved in the national investigation and discovery that will hopefully result in a positive outcome for the individuals injured by this drug.


Less than 76 years old presently
Brand name or Brand generic OTC
Diagnosis of Acute Interstitial Nephritis (AIN)
Acute Kidney Injury (AKI)
Chronic Interstitial Nephritis (CIN)
Chronic Kidney
Disease (CKD) Stage 4 or 5 or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
Injury diagnosis 2020 or later


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