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Parmele Law Firm’s St. Joseph, MO office is staffed by an experienced team of Social Security Disability attorneys. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience in obtaining social security disability insurance benefits for clients – even when they have been previously denied.

The St. Joseph office is one of a network of 28 offices focusing exclusively on SSD/SSDI law. It serves the Northwestern Missouri communities of Maryville, Rock Port, Savannah, Cameron, Plattsburg, Faucett, Bethany Trenton, Gallatin and Chillicothe.

All of our locations offer free consultations. There are no attorney fees unless we win your case.

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How to Find Us

Our St. Joseph office is located in Brentwood Office Park. Our office is only minutes away from the Social Security Administration building where the Office of Adjudication and Review holds video conference disability hearings remotely from other locations.

We also have the ability and technology to hold video conference hearings remotely from our office with ODARs such as Orange County and Albuquerque, making the disability process as easy and convenient for our clients as possible.

A Parmele Law Disability Lawyer in St. Joseph, Mo Will Fight for Your Rights

Did you know 11.9 percent of individuals under the age of 65 in St. Joseph, MO have a disability? Of those, many will not be approved for SSI or SSDI after submitting an application for review, even if they truly are in need of financial assistance.

Parmele Law Firm has helped tens of thousands of individuals get the disability benefits they need to provide for themselves and their families. If you need a disability lawyer in St. Joseph, MO, look no further than Parmele Law.

Do I Have a Disability?

Determining whether you do or do not have a disability is fairly straightforward. According to the Social Security Administration, the definition of a “disability” is defined by your inability to work. The SSA adheres to this strict definition by consulting the following rules for each individual:

You are incapable of doing the work you previously did Your disability prohibits you from adjusting to another kind of work Your medical condition(s) have lasted (or are projected to last) at least one year or result in death

Why Hire a Disability Lawyer?

1. Experience
A disability lawyer from Parmele Law Firm will have the necessary experience and knowledge of disability law to lead you through the process properly and effectively. Your lawyer will be extremely familiar with the applications and appeal process and know exactly what is required to achieve the desired outcome.

2. Applications/Denials
If you are denied SSI/SSDI, your disability lawyer will help you through the reconsideration and appeals process. Additionally, if you have not yet applied and don’t know where to begin, we can help with that too.

3. Support
Your attorney will be your disability advocate, ensuring the severity of your disability is clearly communicated, as well as the extent of your needs. Additionally, the lines of communication will always be open. So you can ask as many questions as you need to, knowing that your disability lawyer will have all the answers.

4. Expedited Process
Since our disability attorneys are well versed in the application and appeal process for SSI/SSDI, they can help expedite the process. Although many individuals still wait months, or sometimes years, to obtain benefits, we will be able to speak on your behalf during hearings, file all the paperwork and help you complete your application to make sure it is technically sound the first time around. This saves you valuable time.

5. Contingency Fees
You will not pay any fees upfront. Instead, your disability lawyer will work on a contingency fee. This means you will not owe us any money until we get you the SSI/SSDI benefits you need. In that case, our final fee will be based on your total financial award.

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