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The Rolla, MO office of Parmele Law Firm is staffed by an experienced team of Social Security Disability attorneys. Our lawyers have decades of combined experience obtaining Social Security disability insurance benefits for clients—even when they have been previously denied.

The Rolla office is one of a network of 16 offices focusing exclusively on SSD/SSDI law. It serves the Central Missouri communities of Waynesville, Richland, Houston, St. James, Cuba, Sullivan, Salem, and Potosi.

All of our locations offer free consultations. There are no attorney fees unless we win your case.

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A Social Security Disability Lawyer at Parmele Law Is Dedicated to Helping You Obtain SSI/SSDI Benefits

More often than not, individuals applying for SSI/SSDI benefits are denied, yet the need for financial disability assistance remains. According the United States Census Bureau, 8.4 percent of individuals under the age of 65 in Rolla, Mo have a disability, and many of those people are struggling to afford the cost of living while coping with their physical or mental impairment. Unfortunately, a large number of those individuals may not even realize they qualify for disability benefits.

A social security disability lawyer with Parmele Law Firm is dedicated to getting you and your family the disability benefits you deserve. If you have yet to apply for SSI/SSDI or have already been denied, we can help.

Social Security Disability Law Defined

Social Security disability law encompasses a set of rules and regulations set forth by the Social Security Act. This Act determines the eligibility of an individual to receive either SSI or SSDI, and how much assistance should be awarded.

The requirements to obtain Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are rigid and can be confusing for one who is not well versed in Social Security disability law. Therefore, it is always best to meet with a social security disability lawyer to discuss your options and eligibility.

A social security disability lawyer with Parmele Law will help you determine if you qualify for SSI/SSDI benefits and assist you in applying through the Social Security Administration online, so you don’t have to make a trip to the Social Security office.

Why Choose a Social Security Disability Lawyer With Parmele Law?

Your Parmele Law social security disability lawyer will have a substantial understanding of disability law. In addition, your disability lawyer will have the necessary in-depth knowledge of the SSI and SSDI application process to ensure your application highlights characteristics and details that are most persuasive for your case.

Applying for disability benefits can be an extremely stressful and drawn out process, but Parmele Law Firm is on your side. We have helped thousands of individuals obtain the financial assistance they need, and your case is no different. Let us help you alleviate stress by providing you with a social security disability lawyer who can be a disability advocate for you in court.

Set Up a Consultation With a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Rolla, MO

Our disability attorneys are thorough, confident and supportive, and we have the experience required to help you get SSI or SSDI benefits. If you are disabled and need help applying or reapplying for disability, call Parmele Law Firm in Rolla, Mo today to schedule your free consultation with a social security disability lawyer. Our Rolla office is conveniently located just a short drive from the Social Security field office.

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