Social Security Disability Claim Process

The first step of getting Social Security disability benefits is submitting a claim. By submitting a comprehensive claim, you may be able to avoid the appeals process, meaning you start receiving your benefits faster. Being familiar with the process and having all the necessary information about your situation will help make applying much easier. That’s why we’ve outlined the process here. If you want to ensure your claim is as solid as possible, contact a lawyer at Parmele Law Firm in Kansas City for a free consultation. Until then, take a look at our guidelines for preparing your claim.

Prepare Your Application

Before starting your application, make sure you have all the necessary paperwork and documentation. First, make sure your disability meets the requirements set out by the Social Security Administration to be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. Once you’ve determined your eligibility, start getting together everything that pertains to your disability. This includes a description of your disability, the doctors and facilities you receive treatment from, and anything else that is relevant to your impairment. After gathering your documentation, you can submit your claim in person, on the phone, through the mail, or online.

The Process

After submitting your claim, you can expect the decision to be determined within 90 to 120 days. The claim is sent through various facets of the Social Security Administration during this time. Typically, an SSA field office will verify if you meet the non-medical requirements for eligibility. This includes factors such as work credits, age, employment, and more. If they determine you’re eligible, they’ll pass your claim on to a Disability Determination Service officer. The DDS officer will contact your treatment sources to obtain as much information as possible. If they don’t obtain all the information they need, they’ll set up a consultative examination with you to get the rest of the information. The DDS will decide if this examination with be held with your preferred doctor or with an independent doctor. Pending the results of this examination, the DDS will make their decision and send it back to the field office. If the determination is favorable, the field office will compute your Social Security disability benefits and begin paying them. If your claim is denied, you have the option to appeal.

Contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Kansas City

Unfortunately, only about 30% of Social Security disability claims are approved at the initial stage. That’s why utilizing the services of a Social Security disability lawyer is so beneficial. They can help you create a strong claim and appeal a decision is necessary. If you’re considering applying for benefits, set up a free consultation with Parmele Law Firm in Kansas City today.