Estate Planning

About Our Estate Planning Practice

Partners, Kathleen Overton and Andrew DeLaMare, head up our estate planning practice in the Kansas City metro area. At Parmele Law Firm, our attorneys bring a unique perspective to solving estate planning issues facing people with estates of all sizes. After a long history of representing claimants before the Social Security Administration and in federal court, the attorneys at Parmele Law Firm are extraordinarily well-trained to spot—and avoid—potential pitfalls in all areas. Moreover, having helped claimants for years as they fight for their benefits, we understand the importance of family relationships and preserving those relationships during life’s most difficult periods. Unlike many firms focused solely on protecting financial assets, at Parmele Law Firm, we place importance on not only the monetary aspect of estate planning, but more importantly, we focus on helping clients preserve their wisdom, values, and life lessons for future generations.

The estate planning attorneys at Parmele Law Firm are members of the American Academy of Estate Planning Attorneys. This is an exclusive national organization of attorneys who focus on estate planning. Through this organization, we are required to attend extensive continuing legal education and have easy access to other top estate planning attorneys throughout the country. This means you have the benefit of a large national law firm, but the one-on-one attention of a local firm.

Since 2001, Parmele Law Firm has been dedicated to leading clients through complicated and overwhelming situations. We are excited to offer estate planning services to continue our long tradition of being a trusted guide when faced with difficult life decisions.

Why Estate Planning Is Important To You

It is not about the size of the estate, but about protecting what is important to you. It is an unfortunate, but common belief that estate planning is only for those with estates of a certain size. This simply isn’t true. Estate planning is necessary for those looking not only to maximize protection from “death taxes”, but also to avoid the drawn-out and often expensive probate process. Further, proper estate planning can keep your final wishes private. And, with proper planning and communication, a good estate plan tailored for your family can keep your family relationships intact rather than having family members fight over money and possessions after you are gone. While often overlooked, estate planning can also provide protection for you in old age when you are unable to manage your own affairs. Indeed, it can eliminate the need for guardianship or conservatorship court proceedings. Most importantly, however, it allows you to choose who will look after your affairs rather than allowing the court to make that decision.

At Parmele Law Firm, we view all these benefits as important parts of estate planning. But, unlike many estate planning lawyers, we want to help you preserve your legacy for future generations as well. Of course, you want to provide for your family with any resources you leave behind, but more than that, you want to provide your heirs with an identity. You want them to benefit from your life lessons, wisdom, and experiences. A good estate plan can do just that.


What We Do


Whether you need a complicated estate plan or a simple will, you can be sure that after your personal consultation with an attorney at Parmele Law Firm you will leave knowing precisely how much it will cost and when the work will be completed. For each service we offer, we charge a flat fee, not an hourly rate.

If, after your personal consultation, you determine that you need a comprehensive estate plan, unlike many other law firms, we don’t charge extra for each additional level of protection your family needs. Rather, we provide a comprehensive estate plan—a Legacy Wealth Plan—for one simple fee. Included in that fee, we will help you fund your trust and transfer one piece of real estate into your living trust. Only with this additional step—funding—will your comprehensive estate plan protect you and your family. And at Parmele Law Firm, we want to make sure that your trust isn’t an empty container but is instead a well-made and sturdy document that will work as expected in your time of need.