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How a Disability Attorney and a Non-Attorney Representative Are Different By James Pavisian Attorney, PLF There are two types of people that can represent a claimant against the Social Security Administration.  First, any licensed disability attorney in good standing can represent an individual seeking Social Security disability. Second, a non-attorney representative can also represent an individual […]

Social Security Disability Claims Rely on Medical Records By Kathleen Overton Attorney, PLF Medical records are vital to a Social Security disability claim. Not only do they document each impairment, but they help the Social Security Administration formulate limitations used to determine whether the claimant is disabled. Perhaps equally important is ensuring that the agency […]

How the Administration Evaluates Conditions for Social Security Disability Benefits By Andrew DeLaMare Attorney, PLF When an individual decides to file for Social Security disability benefits, it is important to understand what Social Security evaluates in determining whether the individual is disabled or not.  For many, the decision to file for disability benefits comes when […]

Parmele Law Firm Talks Huntington’s Disease and Social Security Disability By Ashley Baine Attorney, PLF Huntington’s disease is an inherited disease that causes the degeneration of nerve cells in the brain. It typically affects the person’s movement and thinking and can lead to psychiatric disorders. People with the disease typically develop signs and symptoms in […]

Widow’s Social Security Disability Benefits By Kathleen Overton Attorney, PLF There are two types of social security disability benefits: Disability Insurance Benefits and Supplemental Security Income. Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) is dependent on a social security disability claimant’s work record. That is, you must have worked a sufficient number of quarters in order to be […]

When a Social Security Disability Claimant Passes Away During the Disability Process By: Nikki D. Evans Attorney, PLF As social security disability attorneys, we understand that many of our clients are dealing with severe, and sometimes life-threatening, medical conditions. Unfortunately, because of the nature of the social security disability process and the length of time […]

New Social Security Disability Evidentiary Requirements for ALJ By: Nikki D. Evans Attorney, PLF If you are an individual claiming social security disability and awaiting a hearing request, you may have received a letter from SSA about the new procedure for the submission of medical evidence at the social security disability hearing level. Beginning May […]

Receiving Social Security Disability Benefits for Crohn’s Disease By Andrew DeLaMare Attorney, PLF Inflammatory bowel disorders (IBD) are a very common problem for millions of Americans.  On specific type of IBD is Crohn’s disease.  Crohn’s disease is a chronic inflammatory condition of the intestines.  For some individuals, Crohn’s disease can result in having significant difficulties […]

Stages of a Social Security Disability Claim By Ashley Baine Attorney, PLF A Social Security disability claim starts with an application at your local Social Security office or online at the Social Security website. At the application stage, Social Security will request records of all the places the person has received treatment. They will usually […]