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Parmele Law Firm: How to Talk to Your Doctor By Kathleen Overton, Attorney, PLF When clients come Parmele Law Firm in Liberty, Missouri, we ask that they list their impairments and their medications. But, when talking to them, we try to emphasize that the Social Security Administration is not concerned with simply their diagnosis. Sure, […]

Vocational Expert Testimony in Social Security Disability Hearings A vocational expert (VE) is an individual called by the Social Security Administration to testify as an impartial witness at your social security disability hearing. The VE at the hearing typically serves a few different functions at your hearing, including: Classifying your past work Identifying skills that […]

Symptomatic congenital heart disease can be a very limiting and disabling impairment. A person with this condition, with the right documentation, can qualify for Social Security disability benefits under Social Security disability regulations. Unfortunately, a lot of people think the diagnosis alone will qualify them for Social Security disability benefits. Most medical conditions require more […]

Waiting for a Social Security disability hearing before the Social Security Administration can take anywhere from 18-24 months after you file your application and appeal(s).  As the wait time for a disability hearing is extended and long, it is to your advantage to hire an experienced and qualified Social Security disability attorney from Parmele Law […]

SSA recently updated their mental health listings to include changes to how certain listings are addressed and the addition of brand new listings for mental health impairments that had previously been considered under different categories. One of the changes to the listings is the way in which SSA evaluates claims that include intellectual disability. Listing […]

Medical records are essential for a Social Security disability claim. The importance of your treatment history, what you tell your doctors, and what your doctors say about your condition cannot be understated. But, this does not mean that the hearing is a waste of time. The Social Security disability hearing serves a number of helpful […]

  Approximately 70% of people that file for Social Security disability lose.  This statistic is for all levels of review.  Statistically, that means that an individual has a higher chance of losing than winning.  Obviously, this is a general statistic and the facts of a claim—like age, education, medical impairment—can result in a higher or […]

Intake Need-to-Knows from Parmele Law Firm By Felicia Von Holten Mitchell Attorney, PLF The first step in obtaining a disability attorney through our office is to contact Parmele Law Firm and go through our intake process. What do I need to bring? How is this process handled? How long is it going to take? Those […]