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What Does it Take to Win a Social Security Disability Claim?

What does it take to win a social security disability claim? One of the more common misconceptions people have is that a social security disability claim focuses primarily on medical conditions. While having a medical condition is a requirement to receive disability, the focus is seldom on the disease itself. Instead, the focus is on the limitations imposed by the disease

Let’s use a real-life example: Not everyone with a diagnosed mental illness is unable to work. In fact, many people can achieve sufficient symptom relief and excel in the workforce. On the other hand, some with mental illness are crippled by their disease and need routine, aggressive, and frequent treatments. Therefore, just naming the condition does not identify how it affects the individual. 

Here are two pieces of information that are essential for a social security disability claim:


Let us reiterate the documentation. One last time: documentation. For example, if you can’t lift more than five pounds you need a letter or statement from your doctor supporting that level of restriction. If you go to the bathroom 15 times a day, you should keep a log of each time you go and work with your provider to get that information into your medical file. If you have four panic attacks a week, you must document each panic attack, including the date, time, and trigger, and provide this specific information to your therapist. Click here to see what types of documentation you may need.


If you have a medical condition that keeps you from working, you should be seeing a physician for that condition as well as documenting it. You need to have a treatment relationship with your medical professional to demonstrate the limitations that keep you from working. Without documentation, you risk the social security administration not believing that you are unable to work. All this being said, individuals that do not seek regular treatment are going to have a much lower chance of filing a successful social security disability claim than those that do. 


In conclusion, the two most important things anyone can do to help their chances of receiving a favorable decision are to document their condition(s) and seek medical treatment. While we cannot guarantee a favorable decision, doing these two things can help put you in a better position than those who don’t.


Parmele Law Firm has successfully represented over 50,000 clients in their social security disability claims. If you or someone you know needs help with an existing claim or would like to open a claim, the first thing to do is contact our office at 866-889-2570. You can also reach us online at Parmele Law Firm: Guiding you with integrity, competency, and experience.


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