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Unfortunately, the topic of this piece is something few people like to hear about or will admit falling prey to: SCAMS. A scam is a dishonest scheme, usually for making a quick profit. Nowadays, scams tend to involve communicating electronically, whether through email, online advertisements, or good old phone calls, and trying to steal something important (bank account info, social security numbers) to exploit a person for the other’s gain.


Sadly, no population is exempt from scams. Some populations, such as the elderly, disabled, and even Veterans, are specifically targeted because they seem more vulnerable. It is important to note that if someone contacts you, whether via telephone, email, or online advertisements, and they ask for any personal information, quickly disengage and enlist assistance from someone who has your best interests at heart, such as a trusted family member, and ask them to help you navigate finding reputable representation that will not take advantage of you. Click here for tips on avoiding internet scams.

During June, we sat down with Parmele Law Firm’s lead VA attorney, James Pavisian, and discussed “Shady Practices Targeting Veterans.” James shares excellent insight into how the Veteran’s disability application process should work, what you should look out for, and what to do if you think you may have been or are being targeted for a scam. This short 12-minute video is jam-packed with important information, tips, and guidance regarding VA disability—don’t miss it!

Veterans often face unique challenges, and navigating the VA disability application process can be daunting. Unfortunately, scammers are aware of this and try to exploit vulnerable veterans seeking the benefits they rightfully deserve. That’s why it’s crucial to be aware of the shady practices that specifically target veterans and to take steps to protect yourself.

How Parmele Can Help Veterans

The VA team at Parmele Law Firm understands the complexities of the Veteran’s disability process and has the expertise and experience to guide you through it. They prioritize integrity, competency, and providing personalized assistance to veterans. Recognizing that the disability process can be long-suffering, convoluted, and confusing, Parmele Law Firm offers our support so that veterans don’t have to face it alone.

The VA team at Parmele Law Firm specializes in Veteran’s disability and has the integrity, competency, and experience to guide you through the disability process. If you suspect that you have been targeted or are concerned about potential scams related to VA disability benefits, it’s essential to take action. Reach out to Parmele Law Firm’s VA team for a free consultation at 417-616-2691. Our team of experienced attorneys can provide you with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the process effectively, ensuring that your rights and benefits are protected.

Remember, when it comes to your VA disability benefits, it’s crucial to seek assistance from reputable sources and avoid falling victim to scams. Parmele Law Firm is dedicated to helping veterans receive the benefits they deserve while safeguarding them from fraudulent practices.

Don’t let scammers take advantage of your service and sacrifice. Take control of your VA disability application process by partnering with Parmele Law Firm today.

This process can be long-suffering, convoluted, and downright confusing, so don’t try to manage it alone; contact the PLF VA team at 417-616-2691 to schedule your free consultation.

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