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When Dan Parmele opened the doors of Parmele Law Firm, P.C. in 2001, he knew the need for
social security disability legal representation was great; what he didn’t realize was just HOW
great it was. After navigating the long, drawn-out, tedious process with his own mother, Dan
knew that he could do better and that people needing social security disability benefits
deserved better.
Parmele Law Firm Fast forward twenty-two years and what began as a one-location firm has grown to 17 offices throughout the Midwest including two offices in Kansas, ten in Missouri, two in Arkansas, two offices in Oklahoma, and the newest office in Pennsylvania. Our legal team has grown to include seventeen attorneys, thirteen paralegals, and over eighty support team members.


1. Our attorneys and legal team are not just a name on a letter or business card. We live
and work in your communities and chances are we have passed one another at the
grocery store or a local restaurant.
2. PLF has been identified as a premier provider of SSD legal assistance in the region. Who
would not want such an experienced team representing them?
3. EXPERIENCE: our attorneys have over 120 combined years of social security disability
experience. Again, who would not want such a team representing them?
4. Parmele Law Firm has helped over 50,000 people succeed in receiving the social security
disability benefits they so rightly deserve. Simply stated, your chance of receiving a
favorable decision for benefits increases exponentially when you select a legal team
with experience in social security disability. We think 50,000 successful cases in twenty-
two years is quite a testament to the knowledge, competency, and experience of PLF.
5. CONTINUAL EDUCATION: it’s imperative that our attorneys and support staff stay
current on changes in SSD laws as well as new and improved ways to help our clients.
Continual education is paramount to providing the very best to our clients and we are
proud of the training and additional education available to our team members.


 Law Firm Springfield MoOf course, we can tell you many reasons why you should choose PLF for your Social Security Disability legal representation. However, a referral from past clients is THE best recommendation. Here is what several clients have said about their experience with PLF:

 “They guided me through the entire process, explained everything, and I cannot believe
how fast it got done! Even the judge said my attorney presented my case well.” Oscar C.
 “They call you when they say they will and help you even after you win your case.”
Tara S.
 “You guys are amazing on getting my disability I had tried for 4 years and had other
companies try but no luck. I appreciate you guys. You all Rock!” Cloetta B.
 “On my first attempt at getting benefits, I filed by myself and felt alone, especially when
I was denied. Once I got involved with Parmele I was being called back and listened to. It
was a long process, and I was grateful to have someone to call with concerns.” Sara H.
 “I was impressed with the customer service and support Parmele Law Firm provided me.
After my initial consultation, they knew me and my case. After the SSA reviewed my
case, it was approved! Parmele presented evidence and every detail that could be in
question. I highly recommend Parmele.” Mark D.


That is the plan! We have spent over two decades establishing our firm as a premier provider of
social security disability legal services and we cannot imagine doing anything else. We are
committed advocates for those who allow us to represent them, and we are proud to guide our
clients with integrity, competency, and experience.
If you or someone you know is in need of assistance with a current social security disability
claim or needs to begin a claim, please call us at 888-889-2570 to set up your free consultation.
You can also visit us via chat on our website at

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