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Reasons for Denied Social Security Disability

I Really Cannot Work. Why Am I Being Denied Social Security?


Applying for SSD can be a long, confusing process. On average, only 38% of first-time applicants are initially approved for disability. For individuals who legitimately cannot work, this can be a discouraging statistic and leave people wondering why, if they cannot work, they are being denied benefits.

Reasons for SSD denial

There are several distinct reasons why you may have been denied:

You are earning too much money

As we discussed in our previous blog, some employment and income are allowed while receiving disability benefits. However, if you earn more than the “SGA” (Substantial Gainful Activity), the monthly amount set by Federal law, you will be denied before the SSA even looks at your medical conditions.

You may be denied if your disability is not permanent

or it will not or did not last 12 months. For example, you fall off a roof and break your leg. You have surgery, take medication, attend physical therapy, and recover for 9 months. While you may not have been able to work during those 9 months, if you are mostly recovered in 9 months, you have not been unable to work for long enough to qualify for benefits.

injured person


Where are you?

  • The SSA often needs to reach claimants while they are evaluating your claim. If you are unable to be reached by phone or mail, or you simply do not complete and return the necessary forms, the SSA may deny your claim because you did not cooperate. It is imperative that not only the SSA but your legal representation always has your current (and correct) contact information. Not updating your information, having to track you down, or resending documents takes extra time, which may cause your case to be denied.

Medical Paperwork

You decide to not get medical treatment

  • Medical evidence is one of the biggest pieces of evidence you possess to prove you are disabled. If you refuse to seek treatment and fail to report your symptoms, the social security administration will deny your claim.  The better you report your symptoms, the better chances you have of being successful with your claim.

Your only conditions are drug and/or alcohol abuse

Refusing alcohol

You are incarcerated or you have committed fraud


Parmele Law Firm Helps Get Your SSD Claim Approved

Applying for SSD benefits can be a confusing, long, drawn-out process. Attempting to file a claim without the advice and legal experience of someone who has done it before can be extremely frustrating and exhausting. The attorneys of Parmele Law Firm have over 120 combined years of social security disability experience and knowledge to guide you through the process with integrity and competency. Visit us online at for more information or to chat with one of our team members. You can also call us at 866-889-2570 to schedule your free consultation.

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