AGE: What does it have to do with SSD benefits?

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Actually, age has a lot to do with receiving social security disability benefits. In general, age is used by the Social Security Administration’s (SSA) decision-maker to help determine relevant guidelines for social security disability benefits. Many officials believe that the older a person is, the more limited they are to the type of work they can perform.

30 Years Old and Below

30 yr old

Successful SSDI beneficiaries in the 30-year-old and under age group represent about 4% of the total SSDI beneficiaries. Often, individuals in this age group have been employed for a shorter time than those in older age groups. Another reason for the low approval rate is that those people aged 30 and under have many more working years left to work and are young enough to learn new skills to retrain if necessary. They are also thought to have plenty of employment time remaining in a position where they can manage their disability symptoms. 

40 to 49 Years Old

Statistics show that 40- to 49-year-olds represent about 7% of total beneficiaries. That percentage makes this age group the third largest age group receiving benefits. Again, retraining and reentry to the workforce are driving factors in why this age group has a low benefit approval rate.

50 to 59 Year Olds

The most populous group of individuals receiving SSD benefits are individuals ages 50 to 59. Statistics show that approximately 18% of all beneficiaries are in this age group. A working theory to explain this is that this population has accumulated enough work credits to qualify for benefits.

Approved green ink stampTo be approved for benefits, applicants must still show they have a disability severe enough to be recognized by the SSA as deserving of disability benefits. Additionally, these applicants more than likely indicated they could not work for at least 12 months at the time of their application.

Individuals aged 50 to 54 are identified as “Approaching Advanced Age,” while the 55 to 59-year-old group is identified as “Individuals of Advanced Age.”

Since collectively, the 50 to 59-year-old age group is too young to receive their SSA retirement benefits, the SSA may still require some applicants to retrain and attempt to reenter the workforce. Sadly, even those who are already or have been receiving benefits may be told they need to retrain for employment.

60 to 66 Year Olds

Data also revealed that people in the 60 to 66-year-old age group represent approximately 17% of all benefit beneficiaries, making this the second most populous demographic receiving benefits.

elderly couple

The SSA considers 60 to 66-year-olds “Individuals of Advanced Age.” Given this age group, it is unlikely the SSA would expect this demographic to retrain for a new line or field of work. However, this decision depends on the severity and status of the individual’s disability. Based on data and common reasoning, it seems clear that receiving disability benefits becomes easier as an individual ages.

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