What About the Caregivers?

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Living with a disability can be a daily struggle. But disability is also challenging for the family members who care for someone with a disability, whether a child or an adult. It is important for caregivers to recognize the critical role they play in their loved one’s life. And for the caregivers and everyone around them to understand that because … Read More

What Does a Representative Payee Do?

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When a person who is receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) can’t handle their financial affairs or basic needs because of their disability, the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) allows that person to appoint someone to do it for them. This trusted person, is called a “representative payee.” A Little Bit About Representative Payees. Representative payees can … Read More

Who Needs a Representative Payee?

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When disability prevents a person from being able to handle their financial affairs, there is help. If you are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) and need help with handling your finances, you might be interested in the Social Security Administration’s (“SSA”) Representative Payee Program. Representative Payee. Social Security Disability Insurance benefits are available for both physical … Read More

How FICA Affects Your SSDI Eligibility.

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Nobody likes the 2 things you can absolutely rely on: death and taxes. But while death may not have anything to recommend it, sometimes taxes can actually be a good thing. Taxes paid under the Federal Insurance Contribution Act tax (“FICA”), which was passed in 1935 as part of the Social Security, help fund two critical federal programs:  Social Security … Read More

Can You Qualify for Disability Benefits If You Are Pregnant?

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Having a baby is one of life’s greatest joys and a reminder that miracles do happen. So it may seem strange to wonder whether being pregnant qualifies as a disability. However, given that so many people struggle to pay their health care bills, it makes sense to consider all possible options. Social Security Disability Insurance Benefits. When it comes to … Read More

Social Security’s Process for Evaluating Children’s SSI Disability Cases.

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Disabled children under the age of 18 can generally obtain disability benefits under the federal Supplemental Security Income program (“SSI”). The federal program for disabled adults and children over 18 is the Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”). Supplemental Security Income. Supplemental Security Income (“SSI”) is a financial “needs-based” program available to qualified disabled children and individuals … Read More

Can Side Effects from Prescribed Medications Be a Disabling Condition?

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We often get asked whether certain conditions, like anxiety or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, etc. can qualify as a “disability” for purposes of Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”). But what about something a bit more difficult than a specific condition? What about side effects from prescribed medications? Can they qualify as a disability? Let’s see. The … Read More

You Just Had a Heart Attack: Should You Apply for Disability Benefits?

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How can you tell if you should apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”)? What if you just had a heart attack? Should you apply for disability benefits? Here are a few things to think about Some Considerations. First, you should be aware that the Social Security Administration (“SSA”) has strict requirements that must be met … Read More

What is an “On The Record” Review?

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It is no secret that if you are denied Social Security Disability Insurance benefits (“SSDI” or “disability benefits”) it can take months or even a year or more to get a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”). Because disability benefits are very often so desperately needed by the people who are applying for them, everyone is generally looking for … Read More