Dispelling Myths About Disability

The Other Side of the Coin

As a disability attorney, I have found that bias in the media is a growing concern among Americans. Often, the information presented seems a bit ‘off,’ but it is difficult to pinpoint just how. For me, this nagging feeling changed completely when I watched the 60 Minutes expose about the Social Security disability system which aired on October 6, 2013.

As someone who has worked in the field for 22 years as a disability attorney, I was dumbfounded by the overwhelming amount of bad information, myths about disability, as well as information that was simply misrepresented.

I was shocked that 60 Minutes, a purported bastion of reputable news, missed the mark so completely.

Later, I learned that the show had received accurate information from NOSSCR (National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives), but ignored it, choosing instead to produce a misleading and, frankly, sensationalized story.

The story about the state of the Social Security disability program was negative and inaccurate, following the course set by other biased news outlets including NPR, the Wall Street Journal, and Fox News.

Luckily, we are beginning to see more balanced reporting in the issue, articles specifically addressing the misleading and negative bias of the press. Additionally, hearings on Capitol Hill show promise.

Hear from a Loyal Disability Attorney at Parmele Law

At Parmele Law Firm, we have a team of loyal, compassionate disability attorneys who are as dedicated to dispelling these myths about disability as I am.

They have written some blogs on this subject to address concerns or questions and we have linked them below.

I am proud that the United States chooses to protect and help the weak and the oppressed. That we send aid to countries around the world that need it after a natural disaster or war.

I only wish that all Americans could see that we have people who need our help here – the elderly, the sick and the destitute. I have fought for 22 years as a disability lawyer in the trenches of the Social Security system and I will keep fighting.

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