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Parmele Law Firm

Because the Social Security claims process takes months for successful claimants to receive their first payment – and sometimes years for those who require hearings and appeals – getting started early with Parmele Law Firm is the best choice.

If you don’t apply early, your eligibility under Title II to receive Social Security disability benefits lapses five years after you stop working.

The more that time goes by, the harder it is to prove your disability. Applying now is the best way to help guard against financial disaster, and help ensure your financial future.

Thorough and Complete Attention

Your initial meeting with Parmele Law Firm sets in motion the difficult – and tedious – process of getting your benefits for you.

While Mr. Parmele, his paralegals, and clerks are busy assisting you with your forms, helping you assemble your documentation, and keeping you updated regularly, Mr. Parmele is busy behind the scenes, focusing on winning your case.

How your case ends up may well be up to you.