Do I Have To Be Permanently Disabled To Get SSDI Benefits?

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Filing for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a complicated process. It can be difficult to learn you are not able to continue working, and the procedure to get benefits is not as straightforward as some people believe. In order to qualify for benefits you have to prove you are disabled to the point of being unable to perform any substantial gainful activities, and this can be difficult unless you have reliable medical evidence. Then, in order to keep your benefits you have to participate in follow up appointments and provide proof of an ongoing disability if asked. This second requirement, the one where you have to provide additional documentation at a later date, causes confusion and makes some people think only a permanent disability will qualify for SSDI. However, temporary cases are also eligible for payment, and if you believe you will eventually recover you should not let that stop you from applying for what you have earned.

Some basic information about the type of disability that will qualify for SSDI includes:

• The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps a book of qualifying conditions, and if you do not suffer from something list you can still get benefits by showing a combination of symptoms that do qualify.
• The disability can be temporary or permanent.
• Both physical and mental disorders qualify.

The key to SSDI is to show that your disability limits what you can do daily. If you are not able to hold down a job due to a psychological disorder, you can apply for disability. If you have a physical disability that prevents you from working, you should consider applying for benefits. If you suffer from a cognitive disorder or other disease, let us take a look at your evidence and help you get the payments you need. We devote our legal practice to helping workers get the benefits they have earned, so you do not have to rely on others for a steady income. Call us today to find out more about how we can help you.

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