How To Handle A Denial Of SSDI Benefits

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Being approved for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) can take some time. While you are waiting you are probably anxious to find out if you are approved, so you can take your case to the next level in the event of a denial. The frustrating truth is that many application are initially denied, making it necessary to undertake steps for reconsideration, hearing, or appeal. Having a knowledgeable attorney at your side during this process is critical; because you will want to make sure you do not miss a deadline or fail to provide key pieces of evidence needed in your case.

If you have received notice of denial of SSDI benefits, please remember that this is not the end of the road. There are steps you can take after a denial, and many workers find that taking these steps is where they are granted approval. Some things to keep in mind if you have been denied are:

• Any reconsideration of your case will not be made by the same agent that issued the denial. This means if you have more robust evidence to present, now is the time. A new agent with fresh eyes will look over your case, but you do need to get new evidence in timely. If you do not provide any new evidence, the same data will be reviewed. Even though a new agent is looking at the information, it is likely you will get the same result if you have not provided anything new or more substantial to consider.
• If you are granted a hearing, make the most of the opportunity. Do not try to overplay your condition, but be sure to make your case clear. Your attorney will prepare you for the hearing so you know what to expect and can feel at ease when answering questions.
• For an appeal, the most important thing to know is the deadline. If you do not file an appeal by the deadline you will not be allowed to do so later. Your attorney will docket the date and make sure all of the required documents are filed on time, and then let you know what happens next.

The process can be complicated, but when you have a knowledgeable attorney by your side things go much more smoothly. Rather than take a chance that you will not be approved, let a trusted attorney take on your case. We have experience helping people with the initial application, asking for a reconsideration, going to hearing, and filing appeals. Let us help you today.

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