Why Was My Application For SSDI Denied?

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The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides monthly benefits to disabled workers who qualify for benefits through the Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) program. Many workers receive a denial with their initial application, and it can be difficult to understand why much needed benefits have not been granted. It can also be hard to figure out if asking for reconsideration or a hearing will help, but it might help you to know that a good majority of benefits requests are granted on reconsideration or at hearing. Because most cases do require reconsideration or hearing, it is crucial to know why the initial application was denied so history does not repeat itself.

A denial of disability benefits can be due to a number of things, among the most common are:

• A lack of work credits, meaning you have not worked long enough to earn the required 40 work credits needed for benefits.
• A lack of medical evidence, which can be due to incomplete medical records or can be the result of a miscommunication with your physician. If your doctor does not know you plan to seek disability benefits, the records may not contain enough information about your disability for the SSA to link your condition to a qualifying disability.
• A showing that you are able to work, despite being disabled. Some people are still able to perform some job duties even with their disability and this can seem like a good idea so that you retain some sort of income. However, if the SSA determines that either the amount or level of work you are doing is beyond what qualifies for SSDI, your application will be denied.

Keep in mind the purpose of SSDI is to provide an income for those that are no longer able to work, but who have put in the time necessary to have paid into the system. The benefit payments come from the social security taxes taken out of your check over your working life, which is why you have to have worked a certain amount of time before you can qualify. It is also imperative to prove you are disabled in order to receive benefits, since the idea is to give people who are unable to work an income.

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