Top Three Ways To Have SSDI Taken Away

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Workers who have become disabled and are granted Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) from the Social Security Administration (SSA) should take special care to safeguard their benefits once those benefits begin to flow. It can take a while for an application to be approved, so the last thing an applicant wants to do is put their payments in jeopardy. But there are some things that do just that, and knowing how to avoid these pitfalls will help you hang on to the benefits you deserve to receive.

The top three ways to have your SSDI benefits taken away include:

• Working while on SSDI: while it is not 100% prohibited, you do have to be careful not to do any work that the SSA considers substantial gainful activity. This might mean the level of work you perform, or the number of hours you work each week and in some cases can be a combination of both. In order to find out if a potential work opportunity will interfere with your SSDI benefits, call our office.
• Fail to participate in follow up physician appointments: the SSA can, and does, perform follow up reviews to make sure your disability is still such that you need benefits. The best way to show continued need for payment is to stay on top of your doctor appointments. You will need updated medical records and proof that you still have a qualifying disability in order to avoid a lapse in benefits.
• Recover from your disability: if you are no longer disabled, despite having been to continued follow up doctor visits, the SSA will not continue to pay benefits.

We know how important it is to you to keep your benefits once they have been granted. In most cases the approval process is longer than many people can handle financially, so having a steady stream of income once you are approved is critical. We have the experience you need to get the benefits you deserve, and to help you keep your benefits from being taken away.

If you have questions about SSDI benefits, call a qualified attorney for help. Contact us online today for more information. We can also be reached at 855-727-6353.