How Do I Determine The Onset Date Of My Disability?

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To get Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) you have be disabled and have worked long enough to earn the required number of work credits. The Social Security Administration (SSA) keeps track of your work history, will look over the medical evidence you supply regarding your condition, and either approve or deny your request. If you are approved benefit payments begin around five months after the onset date of your disability. This makes it very important to know when your disability started, which is why you will need to provide proof of the onset date of your disability.

To make this determination for SSDI purposes, you look to the date on which you became disabled and unable to work. This includes:

• Providing evidence, on your application, of the date on which you believe you were first disabled.
• Providing proof the date you stopped working, due to the disability. There is a form for this information as well and you will need to be sure to fill it out properly. The SSA may confirm the date with your employer.
• Providing medical records, which clearly document your disability and when it began.

Of these things the medical records may be the most helpful, because your physician will have listened to you explain your condition and limitations and corroborated your version of events with detailed notes. If your medical records are incomplete, your application might be denied. If so, you should revisit your doctor for follow up treatment and analysis, and request more detailed records be provided. You will need more detailed evidence if you have to seek reconsideration of your application, or if you request a hearing. Remember, the more proof you have, the better your chances are at being approved for benefits. We know how important it is to get results quickly, and work with you to develop a game plan that makes sense.

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