How To Appeal A Supplement Security Income Denial

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Both Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplement Security Income (SSI) can help you bridge an income gap if you are disabled and not able to earn a wage. SSDI is awarded based upon your actual disability and the amount of work credits you have earned, while SSI is a needs based program run by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for the benefit of disabled workers. So, while both programs include an element of disability, SSI also requires you to show a financial need. If you are denied for either of these benefits, you do have the right to an appeal. In fact, with SSDI you have the right to four levels of appeal starting with asking for a reconsideration, then having a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge, requesting the Appeals Council take a look at your case, and finally, filing a federal court appeal if you are still denied. The evidence you present on an SSDI appeal will deal mostly with your medical condition and include providing additional medical evidence in support of your claim. With SSI, the evidence needed on an appeal is quite different.

For an appeal of a denial of SSI you will want to shift your focus to your income. Because SSI is based on financial need, if you are denied you should be prepared to show how much income you have, and what you lack. This will enable the SSA to consider your total financial picture on appeal. Keep in mind SSI is designed for:

• Disabled adults with limited financial resources.
• Persons between 18 and 65 (although there is also a process allowing for disabled children to receive benefits).

You can apply online under certain circumstances, and should be prepared to provide information regarding your total financial picture. The things taken into account include the amount of cash on hand you have, your banking balances for both checking and savings, investment accounts, retirement funds, vehicles, real property, and any other asset you have that has value. If your total asset count is over the limit, you will not qualify for SSI. For help figuring out what you are supposed to report and how to file an application, call us today.

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