Can A Newborn Qualify For Disability?

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Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) is a benefit paid to workers who are no longer able to work due to a disability. To qualify you have to meet both a medical standard, and show you have earned enough work credits. The medical element of the case is largely determined by the proof you provide from your treating physicians, outlining your disability and how that disability limits you or prevents you from working. The work credit aspect has to do with how long you worked prior to becoming disabled. The payments come from funds that have been paid into social security, and if you have not worked long enough or earned enough credits you will have a hard time qualifying for benefits. So what do you do if you are underage, do not have a long work history, or have a newborn that needs benefits? None of these types of people will have worked enough to earn the requisite number of credits, but may still be badly in need of benefits.

In these circumstances the best bet is to apply for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) rather than SSDI. The SSI program provides income, based on financial need, and can apply to a newborn in the following situations:

• Cognitive and/or communication delays or impairments, due to a premature birth or other medical problems at birth.
• Lags in functional development.
• Inability to engage in social development.
• Lack of response to visual stimulants.
• Lack of response to audio stimulants.
• Lack of response to the sense of touch.

An exaggerated response to visual, audio, and touch senses will also qualify your newborn for
SSI. Keep in mind there is still a minimum income requirement to be awarded SSI benefits, and with a newborn it is the income of the parents that is considered. If you, as the parent, make above the minimum amount you will not be given SSI benefits for your newborn child. But if you do qualify financially, be prepared to provide medical evidence to back up your claims that your child suffers from any of the above symptoms. For more information and for help making an application, contact our office today.

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