Will My Social Media Posts Play A Part In My Claim For Disability Benefits?

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Nearly everyone lives their life online today. From Facebook, to Twitter, to Instagram, there are several social media outlets available to post what you are doing and where you are going. This can be fun, and is a good way to stay in touch with old classmates and out town family and friends but can also be dangerous if you are involved in any legal action. Most of us don’t take the time to make our profiles private, or to think twice before posting a picture or status update and that can be harmful for a number of reasons if you are applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). First, if you are posting photos where you are engaged in physical activity, you risk the finding that you are not disabled. If you are capable of zip lining, riding a bike, or even hiking it is possible to have a claim denied because you do not appear to be disabled. Second, if you post jokes or make other comments about your benefits, you may come off as seeking benefits for the purpose of not having to work because you prefer not to work, not because you are disabled. While the Social Security Administration (SSA) has rules against using social media content as part of its review, it is possible some information may be overheard or learned about during the process.

To avoid having your social media history cause damage to your request for SSDI, take these tips to heart:

• Do not engage in jokes or other questionable banter online about the purpose of benefits.
• Do not post photos or other status updates that could show you are able to perform substantial gainful activities.
• Do not allow others to tag you in posts.
• Think twice before posting or making a comment, if it seems questionable then it is better left unsaid.

The use of social media in legal actions is on the rise, and is something we all need to be aware of when involved in litigation or administrative matters. If you have questions, call us for answers. We take a cautious approach and do so in order to give you the best shot at getting the benefits you need.

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