Is There A Difference Between A Permanent And A Temporary Disability?

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There is not set rule for defining a disability. And while the Social Security Administration (SSA) does have a blue book of conditions it refers to when determining disability for purposes of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), if your exact condition is not listed in the book that does not mean you are not disabled and will not qualify for benefits. Just like the facts that make up your disability are different than anyone else’s, the duration and scope of your disability are also unique. You may be suffering from a temporary disability, which will not last your lifetime; or you might be permanently disabled with no chance of recovering from the condition. The difference is important because the type and amount of benefits you receive can depend on how long your disability will last.

When applying for SSDI one of the key factors is whether you will be able to work again, or are able to perform any substantially gainful activity now. There is a difference between being temporarily disabled, to the point you cannot work at all, and being able to perform a few job duties. If the SSA finds you are able to work enough, you will not even be considered temporarily disabled. This becomes important for purposes of benefits, because you do not want to engage in any amount of work that could worsen your condition and/or cause your benefits to be denied. If your condition is only temporary, you might want to consider these benefit options along with, or in place of SSDI benefits:

• Worker’s compensation benefits.
• Benefits provided by the state, if any.
• Benefits provided by private insurance, if applicable to your case.

Every case is different, so the benefits you need and apply for will be different from other cases. The most beneficial thing to do if you are disabled is to pursue the benefits that best meet your needs. We will go over the different types of payment benefits available to you, give you an idea as to whether you qualify, and aggressively seek every form of payment you deserve. We understand how much you need an income, and work hard for you to get what you have earned.

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