What Is A Social Security Disability Technical Denial?

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If you are disabled and cannot go to work you may qualify for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and perhaps even Supplement Security Income (SSI) from the Social Security Administration (SSA). In order to get these valuable benefits you have to fill out an application and provide proof of your disability. Many applications are denied when initially presented, and this is due in large part to a lack of adequate medical evidence. Fortunately there is a reconsideration and an appeals process. During both of these review processes most applicants are awarded benefits. This is because on reconsideration or appeal a more robust file of medical data is acquired and provided to the Administration. But there are some cases that are denied before the SSA even takes a look at the medical evidence. These denials are referred to as technical denials and if this has happened to you, you need to call a qualified social security attorney right away.

Some of the most frequently cited reasons for denying SSDI without taking a look at the medical data are:

• You have not earned enough work credits to qualify for benefits. There is a minimum number of work credits you have to have accumulated to get SSDI, and you can check your status online by creating an account with the SSA to see how much you have earned, how much your estimated disability payments will be, and other useful information.
• You have not earned enough credits from your recent work (this might apply if you had a long break from working).
• You are still working while disabled, to the point that the SSA considers you capable of performing substantial gainful activities daily. The theory is that if you are able to work a certain amount, you are not disabled and thus do not technically qualify for SSDI.

If your claim for SSI was denied it is probably because your income level is too high. In either case, a denial of SSI or a denial of SSDI, we can help. While there are technicalities that do not depend upon your medical records, there are also exceptions. Let us take a look at your case and help you decide what to do next.

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