How To Improve Your Chances At Being Approved For Disability

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Statistics show most applications for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) are denied the first time they are filed. This can be discouraging news if you need benefits, but there is hope. Many applicants are awarded benefits on reconsideration or appeal. Even with higher chances of approval when you go through the reconsideration process, it is still nice to know what you can do to increase your chances of approval. Taking the right steps to improve your shot at getting benefits might help you with your initial application, and will certainly prove beneficial if you are required to seek reconsideration or even appeal a denial.

There is no magical formula you can use to make sure your application for SSDI benefits is approved, but these things have a positive impact on your case:
• Talking to your doctor as soon as possible, and scheduling an appointment for evaluation.

• Making sure your doctor knows you intend to file for disability. Many doctors know how detailed they need to be when a patient is seeking SSDI benefits, but may not give you the level of detail needed if you do not make them aware you are planning to file for benefits.
• Keeping up with all of your follow up doctor appointments.
• Maintaining complete medical records.
• Resisting the urge to take on minimal job tasks as a way to make ends meet while you are waiting for a decision on your application, as doing so may show that you are not disabled to the point that you cannot work.

Most importantly, be sure to give your attorney all of the information about your injury or condition. When the professionals you turn to for help are not working with a full picture of your needs it is more difficult to get satisfactory results. But, when you provide all of the details about your case, your attorney is put in a better position to advocate for the benefits you deserve.

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