Are Worker’s Compensation Benefits Better Than Disability Benefits?

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If you are hurt at work and unable to return, you do still need a paycheck. Many people facing this problem wonder if they should turn to the worker’s compensation system, file for social security disability income (SSDI), or file some other type of action to be made whole. It is true that there are a lot of choices, and making the right one can be difficult. But, if you seek the help of a qualified attorney, you can feel better about the decision you make because of the information you gather by visiting with an experienced attorney.
When it comes to making a choice between worker’s compensation benefits and SSDI benefits, the good news is that you can get both if you qualify. The programs are not the same, so applying for both is an option. Here are some of the key differences in these benefits programs:
• The qualifications are not the same, meaning your injury and/or disability are not assessed using the same standards. You may be found temporarily or even permanently injured from an on the job accident, but your injuries may not rise to the level of a disability according to the Social Security Administration.
• The timelines are different, which includes not only the application process but also the length of time for which benefits may be granted.
• The amount of benefits you get from one program may impact the amount awarded by the other. This is normally a concern when worker’s compensation benefits are granted and you also seek an award of SSDI benefits.
Keep in mind the two benefits are not the same, and receiving one will not have any bearing on whether you qualify for the other but there are some overlapping considerations. If you are trying to decide which type of benefit (or benefits) are best for you, call our office. We have the experience you need to make an informed decision and will aggressively pursue every type of payment you deserve.
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