What Are The Average Social Security Benefits?

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Most people want to work a nice job and build up a nest egg to retire on so they do not have to work as they get older. For those fortunate enough to have good benefits at work, there may be a 401(k) plan or other retirement account set up by the employer. But even for those that do have retirement options at work, there can be an income gap when it comes time to stop working. Because of this, many retired Americans rely on social security to pick up the slack and fill in where retirement is not enough. The way social security works is that as you hold down a job throughout your life, you earn a wage. But your paycheck is not exactly the same amount as your salary, because taxes and other items are withheld before you get paid. One of the things held out is social security taxes. These monies are kept track of, so when you retire you are able to get a social security check as part of your income. But there are other benefits from the social security system and having an understanding of the benefits helps you to plan.

The average social security benefits include:

  • Social security retirement.
  • Social Security Disability Income (SSDI).
  • Healthcare coverage (Medicare).

It is not possible to provide a dollar figure for these benefits, because everyone has a different benefit amount. And, if you are disabled the amount of your benefit will depend upon how long you worked and how much you paid in to the system prior to becoming disabled. Additionally, if you are getting disability payments and they do not cover your needs, you have options for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). SSI is a needs based program and helps to provide additional income to those that qualify. Some of the benefits offered by social security are automatic while others have to be applied for, and then approved. Our job is to make sure you understand what you are entitled to, and then help you get what you deserve. We have the experience you need to maximize your social security benefits, and fight for full benefits on your behalf.

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