Is Medicare An Automatic Benefit?

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Medicare is a federal health insurance program that provides healthcare needs for people over 65 and disabled persons. There are a couple of different parts to Medicare and you need to know what each part covers in order to get the care you need. It is also important to understand how and when to apply for Medicare, and whether it comes with any out of pocket expense.

One of the most frequently asked questions about Medicare is whether it is an automatic benefit that you get, without taking any action. Medicare is automatic, as long as you are already getting some type of social security payment (most likely either retirement or disability). Some other common questions about Medicare include:

  • What does it cost? Part A is free if you have paid into the Medicare system for at least 10 years, or your spouse has done so. If you have not met this minimum amount of work, you will have to pay a premium for Part A. Other parts of Medicare, such as Parts B and D have monthly premiums, but not all people need all parts of the Medicare system.
  • What type of coverage do I need? Part A of Medicare pays for hospital needs while Part B is medical insurance. If you are not going to use Part B as your primary source of healthcare insurance you do not have to opt for this coverage and pay the premium. However, if you are without an alternate source of healthcare coverage, you should look into what Part B offers.
  • How do I enroll? You should enroll in Medicare prior to our 65th birthday, about three months out. If you do not enroll during the right time, you can enroll during the general enrollment period offered every year from January through the end of March. If you are receiving social security and are not yet 65, you will get a notice about enrollment. If you are not receiving social security, you will have to take action on your own and will not be provided notice about enrollment.
  • How do I pay for Medicare? You can mail payment, or you can have the premium for Part B taken out of your social security check each month.

We know this is a lot of information to absorb, and does not cover every instance. If you have additional questions about Medicare, call our office.

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