What Happens If I Work While On Disability?

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If you work, you get a paycheck. If you do not work, you do not get a paycheck. This reality can be harsh for those that are unable to work due to a disability. If that is your situation, you should consider applying for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI). The Social Security Administration (SSA) pays these benefits to disabled workers, and the monthly payments might even include a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) amount or other valuable benefits such as health care. In order to qualify though, you do have to meet certain requirements. The first and foremost requirement to meet is to prove you are disabled. Your disability must prevent you from engaging in any substantial gainful activity, and you will need medical proof of your condition.

Because you must prove a disability, it is important to understand how the SSA defines disability, Some of the basic elements include:

  • Being unable to perform any substantial tasks that would result in a paycheck.
  • The inability to work must be due to a disability, either physical or mental. Each type of disability and condition has its own set of elements that must be present in order to demonstrate you meet the criteria for having that disability and having robust medical evidence helps in this regard.

A lot of people are unable to work, but do so anyway out of a need for an income. If you do work while asking for disability benefits you may be putting your application at risk. Remember, it is the inability to work due to your disability that is the key to getting benefits, so if you happen to take on even minor tasks the Social Security Administration may conclude you are not disabled. We understand the process is time consuming, but you are better off tapping into savings or seeing if family can help you during the interim while you wait for benefits. The end result is worth making sacrifices now to get the benefits you need.

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