What To Do If You Have Little To No Work History And Become Disabled

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Disabled workers have many benefits available to them, the most valuable of which include Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) and Supplement Security Income (SSI). These programs are run by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and provide an income stream for workers who are no longer to work due to a disability. The payments are funded by the workers themselves, by having accumulated a certain amount of work history and paying social security during that time. The payment amount is tied to the amount you have paid in over your career, and is higher for people who have worked longer and paid in more than it is for those with a shorter work history or those with lower salaries. Because the SSDI benefit amount is directly related to your salary and work history, what does a worker do who has not worked for very long or has made very little?

If you have never worked, you will not be able to claim SSDI. But if you have worked for only a short time and become disabled, the answers change. While having minimal work history may not qualify you for SSDI, you may be able to get SSI to bring in an income. SSI is available:

  • For workers who are not able to work.
  • For workers with a limited income

SSI is a needs based program, taking into consideration your income level and other assets available to you. While your home and car do not count as an asset for the calculation, things like retirement accounts are considered. Thus, if you have other resources available to you, your claim for SSI may not be approved. Because every case is unique it is worth exploring every possible avenue of benefits when you cannot work, and we can help. Much like SSDI, many SSI claims are initially denied and the applicant must go through an appeals process. Having a qualified attorney by your side during this difficult time helps ease the tension, and can give you a sense for what may happen next. Being prepared always helps make a tough situation easier to handle, and that is what we do for you.

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